Biogelx and Regemat 3D partner to provide complete 3D bioprinting solutions

Scottish biomaterial developer, Biogelx, and Regemat 3D, a Spain manufacturer of bioprinting systems, have partnered to develop a new skin model as well as offering complete bioprinting solutions for research institutes worldwide. “We are excited to see future tissue models using Biogelx-INKs,” said Sandy Bulloch, Director of Strategic Alliances, Biogelx. “We believe that this strategic partnership will expand the […]

BCN3D Technologies announces new Epsilon 3D printer with range of BASF and MCPP filaments

BCN3D Technologies, the Barcelona-based desktop 3D printer manufacturer, has released a new dual-extruder FFF/FDM system, named the BCN3D Epsilon.  Intended for more demanding settings compared to its range of Sigma desktop machines, the BCN3D Epsilon is designed to provide large-scale FFF 3D printed parts with high-performing materials. As such, BCN3D is currently in negotiation with […]

BigRep Unveils Four New Materials at FABTECH Chicago

Large-scale 3D printing provider BigRep has just announced four new materials at FABTECH in Chicago. The new materials show off a range of functionalities and will further enhance the capabilities of BigRep’s Pro, Edge and Studio G2 systems. BigRep’s new materials include PLX, PET-CF, PA6/66 and BVOH. The PLX material offers a solution for users that need […]

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PostProcess Technologies raises $20M in Series B funding, plans European expansion

New York-based automated post-printing developer PostProcess Technologies has completed a $20M Series B funding round. The company has also revealed plans to expand its European presence, comprising a new benchmarking facility in France, and EU Channel Partner Network appointments.  PostProcess’ Series B funding round was led by Grand Oaks Capital, a private investment firm headed […]

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Farsoon Technologies, Rize, Titomic, 3D Systems, Formlabs, Protolabs, Dassault Systèmes

This week’s edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, features the latest developments of additive manufacturing in fashion, footwear, and art, as well as novel research in tissue engineering to combat cardiovascular disease.  The latest news from Farsoon Technologies, Rize, Titomic, 3D Systems, Formlabs, Protolabs, Dassault Systèmes, and others can be found prior to Formnext, […]

Q&A with Exponential Technologies CEO: formnext 2019 start-up challenge winner

Today’s Q&A with a Formnext 2019 start-up challenge winner is with Matthias Kaiser, the CEO of Exponential Technologies Ltd. Exponential Technology provides a Research Management System (RMS) and an AI-driven Design of Experiment (DoE) software. The start-up aims to address challenges in additive manufacturing, including hastening the pace of material innovation. 3D Printing Industry: When […]

HRL, nTopology, and Morf3D explore advanced design and materials with 7A77 – the world’s strongest additive aluminum

Taking advantage of additive manufacturing requires exceptional design and production, but only if the materials used can meet the desired expectations during end use. Though metal 3D printing’s use in production has grown in recent years, there are still many applications where low strength AlSiMg dominates the market.  With the launch of Aluminum 7A77.60L powder, […]

EOS and AMFG introduce 3D printer connectivity in MES workflow automation software

EOS, a leading German 3D printer OEM, and UK-based software company AMFG, have announced a partnership to enable streaming and connectivity for EOS machines through AMFG’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. The two companies established the partnership in response to the lack of connectivity across the additive manufacturing workflow, which they claim presents a barrier […]

AM POLYMERS GmbH: New Polypropylene ROLASERIT PP03O for Laser Sintering with 200 % Elongation at Break and Other New Materials

AM POLYMERS GmbH expands its powder portfolio for laser sintering with a new polypropylene powder. In contrast to most of the materials on the market, the material has exceptionally high elongation at break of more than 200 %. At the same time, the material has excellent processing conditions on common machine systems.

AM POLYMERS GmbH presents its fourth series material from the ROLASERIT® family at FORMNEXT 2019 in Frankfurt and starts the BETA phase for the newly developed ROLASERIT® PP03O. This extends the material range for laser sintering to include a material with outstanding ductility and injection moulding properties. For the first time, a lower elongation at break has not to be accepted, as is generally the case in additive manufacturing.

With an elongation at break of more than 200 %, the material is a pioneering role in the field of materials for laser sintering. Most materials only have elongations at break in the range of less than 50 %. The processing of the material has already been tested successfully and without problems on common laser sintering systems. In accordance with the company philosophy of selling only plug-and-play materials, only short running-in times on the machines are necessary. Thus, the production of customer parts is possible within a few days. The application spectrum of manufactured components is diverse and ranges from simple housings to function-integrated parts with film hinges. Based on its high ductility, the ROLASERIT® PP03O is also ideally suited for series production.

Visit us at FORMNEXT 2019 booth 11.1 A79 to learn more about ROLASERIT® PP03O.

In addition to polypropylene PP01, polyethylene PEGR01 and TPU PB01, PP03O now forms the fourth thermoplastic powder available as series material, which AM POLYMERS has developed for laser sintering or for powder bed fusion and sells under the brand name ROLASERIT®.

AM POLYMERS GmbH will also be presenting other powder materials at FORMNEXT 2019. The newly developed ROLASERIT® PP04 is designed to offer a polypropylene with increased stiffness and strength requirements compared to PP01 and PP03. The ROLASERIT® PA FLEX01 is intended for applications with a requirement profile with low stiffness and simultaneously high ductility in laser sintering. The polyamide material has been specifically optimized for this special application.

AM POLYMERS GmbH with a headquarters in Willich was founded in 2014. The company is specialized in the development, production and distribution of laser sintering materials. The company’s team can look back on many years of experience in the field of additive manufacturing. The founders, Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wegner and Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Gerd Witt have twelve and more than twenty years of experience in laser sintering of plastics. Timur Ünlü, a specialist of many years experience in the field of powder production, joined the company in 2018. Since 2019 a new production and development site for the production of plastic powders has been established in Willich.
In addition to the commercialized products, other important standard thermoplastics such as PA6 or PBT are developed for laser sintering. The current state of development already shows promising properties of these future products.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wegner
Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Straße 9e
47877 Duisburg
tel.: +49 174 2174251

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