3DPOD Episode 21: 3D Printing at Scale with Xometry’s Greg Paulsen

Today Max and I speak with Xometry’s Greg Paulson again. This time we talk about scale in 3D printing. With manufacturing and real production seen as the new 3D printing frontier, companies are gearing up for products, services and the ever-popular “end to end solutions.” But, can we really do scale in 3D printing? And also should we want to do millions of low-cost parts? Or should we focus on scale but in limited verticals and applications? Can you do low cost and high-value parts at the same time? Or will we see specialized low cost and high regulatory regime players emerge? We don’t have all the answers but in a lively discussion, we talk about how far away we are from scale and what is needed. We hope you enjoy this episode and please do reach out to me should you wish to suggest a topic or guest.

Previously we talked with Ty Pollak about Open Additive, the ethics of 3D printing & handheld scanning.

People we admire in 3D printing.

Greg Paulson joins us to talk about 3D printing trends.

Velo3D’s Zach Murphy talks about Velo’s technology and development.

We interview Formalloy’s Melanie Lang on directed energy deposition.

Greg Paulsen of Xometry talks to us about 3D printing applications.

Here we discuss 3D Printing in space.

We interview pioneering designer Scott Summit as he crosses Amsterdam on a bicycle.

Janne is another pioneering designer in 3D Printing.

3D Printing in Medicine.

3D Printed Guns.

Interview with 3D Scanning pioneer Michael Raphael.

3D Printers in the classroom, panacea or not?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, what is happening now?

We’re all going to live forever with bioprinting.

The first episode: Beyond PLA.

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