A tiny purple dragon companion robot with Adafruit Feather #Feather #NeoPixels #Robots @the_gella

Angela Sheehan posts on Twitter her new automated companion. Her purple robot is incredible. The electronics are based on the Adafruit Feather M0 with radio microcontroller board with NeoPixel lights and a capacitive touch sensor on the forehead. Servo motors flaps the wings and tilt the head.

Angela has programmed her companion to work with her color stealing fairy wand, developed previously with an Adafruit Flora color sensor. The detected color is sent over to the companion via radio.

See Angela’s Twitter Feed for the steps she has documented. Wonderful work!


35 Replies to “A tiny purple dragon companion robot with Adafruit Feather #Feather #NeoPixels #Robots @the_gella”

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