Adafruit’s Top Ten Thingiverse of 2020 #AdafruitTopTen

And now may we present the top 10s of Thingiverse!

10. Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Case

In this project we’re making a case for the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera. This 3D printed an enclosure that houses the Pi 4 and the HQ Camera module. It’s compatible with any C or CS-mount lenses so we can use a wide variety of interchangeable lenses. See more in the Adafruit Learning System

9. MX MIDI Guitar

Build a guitar hero inspired MIDI controller! Features Cherry MX switches, accelerometer and whammy bar! Features a strumming mode so you can power through chords and notes giving you a playing style unlike typical MIDI controllers. The whammy bar lets you pitch bend making it feel like an electric guitar. Using an accelerometer, you can move the guitar to adjust modulation giving you an expressive playing style. See more in the Adafruit Learning System

8. Retro Cases for PyPortals

These cases are designed for the new line of PyPortals. The PyPortal original, PyPortal Titano and PyPortal Pynt. It’s like a mini desktop PC that you can have on your desk and display all sorts of data. The ports are accessible on the side and there’s even a spot to hold a speaker. The 3D printed enclosure is designed to snap fit so it’s easy to assemble and take apart. See more in the Adafruit Learning System

7. ESP32 Retro Weather Station

WiFi Weather Station with 8Bit Icons and SFX. Build a weather station with retro inspired 8bit graphics! Use CircuitPython to display data from the Open Weather Maps API. Get temperature, weather conditions, location, time and date! All rendered in chunky fonts and blocky icons. See more in the Adafruit Learning System

6. Visor Face Shield 3-Hole


This design supports 3-hole punch system for use with sheets. Visor features covered top and tight tension across 8.5x11in sheet. Tested shield clearance with safety goggles and face mask.

Full 8.5x11in sheet is used with exception of trimming corners near chin area. 3-hole punch applied to both sides. Visor and bottom holder use same 3-hole punch (2 x 4.25in – 0.25in hole diameter).

Curls on the ends of arm holds a rubber band. Arms are thin to minimize head coverage and use less material for faster print times. See more in the Adafruit Learning System

5. Infinity Mirror

Build a NeoPixel Infinity Mirror with Bluetooth Remote Control! 3D printed parts snap fit together so it’s easy to build. Use Circuit Python to code bluetooth hardware and NeoPixel LEDs! See more in the Adafruit Learning System

4. The Mandalorian Pulse Rifle

Mandalorian Pulse Rifle
Leonardo Aguirre
CR10S Pro
Black PLA
105hrs 30mins

3. Infinity Cube

Building an Infinity Cube with NeoPixels and BLE control! The frame is 3D printed and the acrylic panels are coated with see-through mirror film. Trigger LED animations with the bluetooth controlled mobile app. See more in the Adafruit Learning System

2. HalloWing M4 Tombstone

Build a 3D printed light up tombstone with an animated eye! Use the HalloWing M4 and NeoPixels to make a backlit sign with a custom message or spooky face!

Use the HalloWing M4 with it’s pumpkin spiced silkscreen to make this years projects really pop! Features the crispy IPS display, gobs of on-board sensors, and a nice assort of expansion ports. Create your own eye graphics and change them by swap out bitmap images.

The parts are designed to snap fit together and for support-free 3D printing! Use black LED acrylic to make a panel with vinyl graphics. The design features Victorian style aesthetic with floral ornaments and chamfered edges. See more in the Adafruit Learning System

1. Smart IOT Pet Planter

Build a smart planter with Adafruit PyPortal and CircuitPython. Monitor your plants vitals with Adafruit STEMMA Soil Sensor and plot moisture and temperature data. Use Adafruit IO to create a visual dashboard with gauges of your plants water levels. See more in the Adafruit Learning System