Chinese Mars Rocket had 50 3D Printed Components

In July 2020, the CNSA (Chinese National Space Agency) launched their Mars spacecraft on top of a Long March 5 rocket. The mission, known as Tianwen-1, comprises three segments, being an orbiter, a lander and a rover, all weighing in at over 5000kg. The rocket itself contained 50 3D printed plastic components, all printed by […]

Honeywell receives FAA certification for its first 3D printed flight-critical engine component

Honeywell Aerospace, the aerospace division of conglomerate Honeywell, has received a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for its first 3D printed flight-critical engine component. The part in question – a #4/5 bearing housing – is a key structural component of the ATF3-6 turbofan engine found in the Dassault Falcon 20G maritime patrol aircraft. The part […]

First Flight Critical Aerospace Component Receives FAA Certification

Defence giant Honeywell, has recently announced that their 3D printed bearing housing has been approved for use on the Dassault Falcon 20G maritime patrol aircraft. At last, a 3D printed metal component has received that ultra-prized FAA certification that will permit said component to be used in a flight-critical system. This is a super exciting […]

Auburn University set to 3D print commercial aircraft components with $3M FAA grant

Funded by a $3M grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Auburn University’s National Center for Additive Manufacturing Excellence (NCAME) is set to commence a two-year project to improve air travel. The NCAME engineers will use industrial 3D printers to produce metal components for commercial aircraft, delving deeper into the process and materials to fine-tune […]

AMRC engineers 3D print 500 precision parts for Airbus project using Formlabs technology

Researchers from the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) have used 3D printing to aid in a large-scale manufacturing project for aerospace manufacturer Airbus. With only 10 days left to produce 500 drilling caps, an endeavor that would usually take a number of weeks, the engineers turned to Formlabs’ 3D printing technology. By […]

VR meets 3D Printing at French Aerospace School

Polyaero_eBook-featuredPOLYAERO is the technical aeronautical training school at the University of Aix-Marseille, France. With the aid of a whole bunch of aerospace industry partners, they have recently started running an accredited degree program, utilizing a Mixed Reality (MR) approach. By use of large format 3D printing and virtual reality, students are getting a multi-sensory digital […]

Farsoon supports successful Long March-5 Mars launch with 3D printed polymer parts

China has announced the successful launch of its Long March-5 carrier rocket from the Wenchang Space Launch Center – a multi-stage vehicle carrying the Tianwen-1 Mars probe into the red planet’s orbit. The heavy-lift rocket, which took off on July 23, features a set of polymer static firing skirts additively manufactured on a Farsoon HT1001P […]

Singaporean Company Gets Certified for Aviation Printing

AFS logo featured imageSingapore-based Additive Flight Solutions Pte. Ltd. has received AS9100D certification, which will enable the company to provide parts to the aerospace industry. AS9100D is an aerospace quality management system akin to ISO 9001 (it actually contains ISO 9001, and a whole lot more), and having this certification is a requirement for doing business in the […]

Russian state successfully flight tests 3D printed gas turbine engine

The Russian state-backed Advanced Research Foundation (FPI) and Federal State Unitary Enterprise (VIAM) have flight-tested their 3D printed MGTD-20 gas turbine engine for the first time. The motor was evaluated onboard a light Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which was launched over the Kazanbash aviation center in Tatarstan, around 500 miles east of Moscow. Utilizing 3D […]

Additive Flight Solutions gains AS9100D certification for its 3D printed aerospace parts 

Additive Flight Solutions (AFS), a joint venture between 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys and Singaporian aircraft specialist SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC), has received AS9100D Certification.  Combining Stratasys’ additive manufacturing knowledge with SIAEC’s expertise in spare parts, AFS has gained international accreditation for its 3D printed aerospace parts. The certification is a standardized quality management and assurance […]