SEAT Gets its own 3D Printing Centre

seat 3d pritinting labAutomaker SEAT has this week announced the launch of their own 3D Printing LAB. The lab is located in the SEAT Prototype Development Centre at their main plant in Martorell in Barcelona, Spain. Like other automakers who have been turned onto 3D printing, SEAT are hoping to augment their production activities with additive manufacturing for […]

Porsche partners with MAHLE and TRUMPF to 3D print pistons for its 911 supercar 

Performance sports car manufacturer Porsche has worked with machine tool producer TRUMPF and automotive parts company MAHLE to 3D print pistons for the engine of its flagship 911 supercar.  Utilizing Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) 3D printing, the carmaker’s engineers have been able to optimize the structure of the automotive part for when it’s under load. […]

Porsche Test Proves 3D Printed Pistons are Superior

porsche-3d-prints-piston-featuredPorsche is a performance car manufacturer that has a lofty reputation to maintain, with nearly 90 years of German engineering steadily improving upon itself. If Porsche adopts a manufacturing method, it must be reliable and support their inclinations for pushing the curve of automotive performance. The famed automaker recently put 3D printing to the ultimate […]

Czinger set to launch its first 3D printed hypercar, 0 – 62mph in 1.9s

Automotive start-up Czinger is set to launch its first 3D printed hypercar, the 21C, in 2021. The mostly hand-assembled vehicle will begin at an eye-watering $1.7M and will be fully street legal in the US. The LA-based manufacturer plans to only produce 80 models and cites savings in weight, cost, and time as the main […]

APWORKS’ high-strength Scalmalloy approved for Formula 1

APWORKS, a specialist in aerospace 3D printing, has announced that its aluminum alloy, Scalmalloy, has been added to the Formula 1 regulations as an approved AM material by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). The high strength alloy was originally developed by APWORKS and its parent company Airbus for aerospace components but has since found […]

McLaren 720S Customized with 3D Printed Aero Kit

1016 Industries, in partnership with Abushi, is 3D printing an extensive custom body kit for the McLaren 720S Spider supercar. The performance-focused kit design company out of Miami is looking to speed up their development times while also reducing tooling costs by incorporating AM into the production process. Peter Northrop, the founder of 1016 Industries, […]

3D Printed Working Model of an F1 Gearbox

We recently explored how Formula 1 has embraced 3D printing to fabricate car parts, test prototypes, and even guide regulatory decisions. Suffice to say, F1 and AM are now tightly intertwined. Youtuber Indeterminate Design (ID) is taking that relationship to another level with his fully functional 3D printed F1 gearbox. Over a series of videos, […]

3D Printing and Formula 1

3d printing formula 1 featured imageFormula 1 is the highest class of auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), meaning F1 cars are the fastest road-course race cars in the world, capable of reaching 370 kmh (230 mph) and pulling over 6 Gs around corners. They’re so fast that the drivers are required to have Super Licenses, […]

The Mysterious 3D Printed Part in the Tesla Model Y

tesla y 3d printed partJust recently on a teardown video of a Tesla Model Y, a manufacturing engineering consultancy firm made a strange discovery. The firm, Michigan-based company Munro & Associates, noticed during the process of disassembling the electric car that there was a 3D printed component inside. And a pretty crappy looking one at that! So what gives? […]

15 industrial and academic partners come together for “breakthrough” POLYLINE project

The 4th of May saw the launch of the POLYLINE project, a lighthouse project that will bring together 15 industrial and research partners from across Germany to develop a digitalized AM production line. The automated production line will focus on 3D printing serial polymer parts for the automotive sector. By complementing traditional manufacturing techniques with […]