Save Time Optimizing For 3D Printing With MSC Apex Generative Design

MSC SoftwareAs 3D printing goes more mainstream, users and manufacturers alike are becoming increasingly interested in DfAM (design for additive manufacturing). Who doesn’t want to reduce material usage, cut print times, and improve part functionality and performance? Nobody, that’s who. But wanting a thing isn’t the same as getting a thing, so users who add MSC […]

GE Healthcare Partners With Formlabs To Improve Anatomical Model 3D Printing

Formlabs GE healthcareIf you’ve ever laid in an MRI or CT machine, you’ve probably stared at the GE logo on the equipment as there’s not much else to do while the images are taken. GE makes a lot of the imaging equipment used by radiologists and other healthcare providers so they make the perfect choice for Formlabs […]

Combining AM Technologies For Ultra-Light Automotive Seating

ulbs ultra light car seat featured imageWeight reduction is one of the many drivers pushing the widespread adoption of additive manufacturing technologies in the automotive manufacturing industry. For the ‘ultra-lightweight seat feasibility study’ (ULBS) prototype, weight reduction was the primary goal, so it follows that they looked to 3D printing. The study was a collaboration between several German advanced manufacturing companies […]

How Surgical Residents Can Benefit from 3D Printing

mayo clinic ultimaker s5The traditional way for surgical residents to learn and improve at procedures is to use cadavers (human corpses) that were donated to science and perform practical surgery training on them. However, the overreliance on cadavers is a burden on surgical training due to short supply. At Mayo Clinic in Florida, one resident thought outside the […]

Pengraff UK 3D Prints Wall Mounting Solutions For Consumer Electronics With Recycled Materials

pengraff 3d printed wall mounting recycled materialsA collaboration between filament manufacturer Filamentive and wall mounting solutions producer Pengraff UK has resulted in a new sustainable business model that takes into account obsolescence and recycling. By 3D printing wall mounting for consumer electronics using recycled materials, they’ve managed to provide an eco-friendly solution for products with a limited lifespan. Household electronics such as […]

Australian Navy Testing 3D Printers For Vessel Maintenance

royal australian navy metal AM testThe Royal Australian Navy is testing out a new pilot program involving 3D printing for vessel maintenance. In accordance with the program, the presiding Morrison Government is investing AUD $1.5 million for a two-year metal additive manufacturing trial. This will possibly lead to a significant change in production workflows for replacement parts and vessel maintenance […]

Henkel & Rapid Shape Expand Partnership For New 3D Printing Applications

German 3D printer manufacturer Rapid Shape and consumer-products and specialty-chemicals conglomerate Henkel have announced a new partnership. Both companies will be cooperating to create new 3D printing applications for a variety of industries. The companies will test and evaluate new materials on Rapid Shape’s 3D printers, most prominently the 130+ DLP printer. The collaboration will allow Rapid […]

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Signify Goes Circular by 3D Printing Custom Light Fixtures From Recycled CDs

Lighting company Signify recently unveiled a new venture for printing tailor-made lighting products. Their new service allows users to customize and print their own light shades and fittings, mostly developed using recyclable materials. Among these items, Signify have showcased the ability to produce appliances like table lamps from recycled CDs. The company’s model proposes a sustainable […]

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Covestro Unveiling Film Extrusion Printhead at Formnext

High-tech polymer materials provider Covestro will unveil a new type of printhead at Formnext. The new head offers a film extrusion additive manufacturing technology rather than relying on filaments. Covestro states that such a method provides a “far more efficient” means of processing plastics in terms of cost and throughput. Covestro’s latest device is also interesting in that […]

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