Dyze Design Releases Typhoon – High-Output 3D Printer Extruder

dyze TyphoonAs large-format 3D printers are installed in machine shops, fabrication studios, and manufacturing plants around the world, a design priority has become clear from listening to the feedback of users: they want more speed. The larger you go, the longer it takes to print. On a desktop 3D printer, an object the size of a […]

SprintRay Announces Software Updates & New Resin Profiles

sprintray featuredCalifornian dental 3D printing company SprintRay has just released a major update to its digital dentistry ecosystem. A whole host of new resin profiles, drastically improved slicing performance, and a new software feature dubbed ‘Pixel Toning’ were released. Let’s take a closer look. Pixel Toning Unlike grayscaling features found on other 3D printers, Pixel Toning […]

Farsoon Releases New Fiber Laser Polymer Sintering Machines

Farsoon Flight 252 sls 3d printer featuredExhibitions eh. Remember those? They used to be a thing, before the you-know-what forced us to live underground like Morlocks. Apparently the TCT Asia exhibition in Shanghai did not suffer a similar fate as every other public event on the planet, as evidenced by the announcement of a new polymer printing SLS machine, which was […]

New Hybrid Process Combines Concrete Casting with 3D Printing

Fast-Complexity concrete slab featured imageConcrete. Love it or hate it, we sure do use a lot of it. It is the second most used material on the planet, right after water. As an illustration, concrete manufacturing is responsible for 8% of the Earth’s carbon dioxide footprint. If concrete was a country, it would be the third biggest producer of […]

Tested: colorFabb Filaments with Active Foaming Technology

varioshore colorfabb respirator mask featured3D Printers continue to improve year after year, but the fundamentals of the technology haven’t really changed much over the years. What I find to be more exciting is the new materials that are constantly being introduced to the marketplace, offering new and useful capabilities for your existing 3D printer hardware. Introducing Colorfabb varioShore TPU […]

Construction 3D Printing in Japan Blends Wet and Dry Spraying

3D Printing logoResearchers in Japan are taking a common-sense approach to integrating 3D printing into their construction industry. Most companies that focus on 3D printed civil engineering structures do one of two things: they either build a giant 3D printer in a warehouse that fabricates parts that have to be shipped and assembled on-site or they develop […]

Australian Army Tests WarpSPEE3D Metal 3D Printing in the Bush

WarpSPEE3D australian armyWhen a 3D printing company really wants to demonstrate that their manufacturing capabilities can keep up with (or outperform) the best of the best, it’s common to put those capabilities in the hands of a military. Metal 3D printing company SPEE3D is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, so their WarpSPEE3D printer was put to the test […]

3D Printing “Damascus” Steel

damascus steel frank vinken featuredDamascus steel is a highly-valued type of steel that’s created by repeatedly folding together two steels that have different levels of carbon content. High-carbon steel is incredibly hard, but it’s more brittle than steel with less carbon. Folding the two together unlocks both hardness and strength, and the signature wavy bands that give it away […]

GE Plans to Make Wind Turbines Taller with 3D Printed Bases

3d printed concrete windturbine featuredAs renewable energy initiatives sweep across the lands (and seas) of the world, an interesting data point has emerged: in many parts of the world, like those near coasts, mountain ranges, and plains, wind power is more efficient than solar power. Energy companies have been rapidly installing wind farms in those areas, and there’s more […]

McLaren 720S Customized with 3D Printed Aero Kit

1016 Industries, in partnership with Abushi, is 3D printing an extensive custom body kit for the McLaren 720S Spider supercar. The performance-focused kit design company out of Miami is looking to speed up their development times while also reducing tooling costs by incorporating AM into the production process. Peter Northrop, the founder of 1016 Industries, […]