3D printing is applied in UK project to produce autonomous evolving robots

Researchers from the Bristol Robotics Lab (BRL), the University of York, Edinburgh Napier University and the Free University of Amsterdam are developing a 3D printing system that can create autonomous robots for extreme nuclear environments. Project Autonomous Robot Evolution Earlier this year, the consortium of researchers commenced the Autonomous Robot Evolution (ARE) four-year project, to […]

America Makes and ANSI publish Additive Manufacturing Roadmap V2.0

U.S. additive manufacturing development organization America Makes, and its partner the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have published the Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (Version 2.0). An update of the original document published in March 2017, the Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing V 2.0 lists 93 “gaps” in appropriate standards and specifications for 3D printing and its related processes. Sorted […]

$500,000 3D printed construction project plans to use bacteria for building

In April 2018, assistant professor Michelle Bernhardt-Barry at the University of Arkansas was awarded a National Science Foundation research grant of $500,000 to support the development of 3D printed construction materials. Two months on, and further information about the 5 year project has been revealed, showing that it aims to use an usual method of binding natural […]

University of Nottingham investigates secret information storage using 3D printing

A new, 3D printable smart material developed at the University of Nottingham in the UK has presented researchers with a novel way of storing, and hiding, information. Laden with photochromic particles, the material changes color in reaction light, then turns back again when exposed to air. “In theory,” explains project co-lead Dr. Graham Newton, “it would […]