Montreal researchers develop new droplet-based method of cell bioprinting

Researchers from the University of Montreal have developed a new method of cell bioprinting based on a drop-on-demand technique. Laser Induced Side Transfer, or LIST, utilizes a low energy nanosecond laser and the laws of microfluidic dynamics to jet living cells onto each other, additively stacking them to form larger droplets. The team of scientists […]

Fighting opioid abuse with 3D printed egg-shaped tablets

According to new research, 3D printed tablets could deter opioid abusers from misusing pharmaceuticals. A team from St. John’s University, New York, designed and tested egg-shaped thermoplastic shapes that make it difficult to misuse strong prescription drugs. These egg-shaped tablets, dubbed “egglets”, were developed and assessed by Doctors Pavan Kumar Nukala, Siddhant Palekar, Manali Patki […]