FAQ: Smooth Multi Jet Fusion Plastic Black PA12

We recently released a brand new smooth finish for our Multi Jet Fusion Black PA12. This latest addition to our material portfolio is perfect for a variety of applications that require a surface that is smooth to the touch. In order to show you more of what this new finish is capable of, we’ve put together a handy FAQ to answer any lingering questions you might have about it. 

Does this post-processing cause dimensional variation? 

The smoothing process results in no more than a 0.4% dimensional change.

Is it skin safe?

Yes! Parts post processed using the PostPro3D® technology do not show a cytotoxic effect in accordance with ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-1 and ISO 10993-12. 

Is it UV stable?

The smoothing process does not alter a product’s UV stability and since MJF PA12 is UV stable, so is Black Smooth PA12. 

Is it heatproof?

The smoothing process does not alter a product’s thermal properties. 

Heat deflection temperature:

XY: 95°C/203°F 

Z: 95°C/203°F

(@ 1.82 MPa, 264 psi, ASTM D648 Test Method A)

What’s the difference between PA12 and Smooth PA12? 

Color: PA12 is available in Gray and Black. Smooth PA12 is only available in Black.

Finish: PA12 has a matte and grainy finish. Smooth PA12 has a smooth, slightly glossy finish. 

Price: Smooth is ~2x the price of Gray and Black PA12. Minimum price is $15/part.


Max Bounding Box:

284 x 380 x 380 mm (Gray Natural and Black Smooth)

210 x 210 x 360 mm (Black Natural)

Min Bounding Box:

7.0 x 7.0 x 7.0 mm & X + Y + Z ≥ 9 mm (Natural)

10 x 10 x 10 mm (Smooth)

Now that you know a little more about Smooth Multi Jet Fusion Black PA12’s capabilities, how about seeing it in action? Order your parts in this new finish today and feel the difference!

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