New Layer by Layer! Using Fuzzy Skin on Practical Prints via @ecken #3DPrinting

I first heard about the fuzzy skin feature a few years back when CURA added it to the experimental tab. Since then I’ve been meaning to use it in a project that showcases the texture. Honestly, I’ve kinda forgotten about it until working on this Lemon keypad project. Although it’s easy to check the box, there’s some things to consider when applying this feature to practical prints.

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at using the fuzzy skin feature in CURA. I demo the Fuzzy Skin Outside Only feature and talk about how I optimized the 3D model in order to avoid unwanted geometry. I also quickly take a look at slicing a cauldron and display stand.


QT Py RP2040

Kailh Mechanical Key Switches

NeoPixel Jewel

Halloween Cauldron

MagTag Christmas Stand

Birdhouse by Flowalistic

Cura Fuzzy Skin and Ironing on 3D Prints by CHEP

Fuzzy Skin Feature in Cura – Add Texture to your 3D Prints! by Andrew Sink

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