Recycled Cardboard Molding #3DPrinting #3DThursday

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XYZAidan shared this project on Thingiverse!

Paper is an incredible material, but why does it always have to be flat? I’ve developed a process to turn paper into a three-dimensional object, using as little as a 3D printer, a blender, a vice, and pinch of rice.

To mold paper or cardboard into a 3D molded-pulp object, the paper needs to be blended into a wet pulp with a water-soluble binder, then compacted into a 3D printed press mold.

download files:

Every Thursday is #3dthursday here at Adafruit! The DIY 3D printing community has passion and dedication for making solid objects from digital models. Recently, we have noticed electronics projects integrated with 3D printed enclosures, brackets, and sculptures, so each Thursday we celebrate and highlight these bold pioneers!

Have you considered building a 3D project around an Arduino or other microcontroller? How about printing a bracket to mount your Raspberry Pi to the back of your HD monitor? And don’t forget the countless LED projects that are possible when you are modeling your projects in 3D!

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