3d printed holiday tree topper #3DPrinting #3DThursday

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Adafruit forums user XRAD shared this project in the Adafruit technical forums!

Wanted to make something for the holidays so made a tree topper. Uses 11 neopixel jewels in a string mounted to a 3D printed start. The jewels are perfect for lighting up the star arms reflecting and diffusing through each facet. I frankencoded a bunch of fastLED code to get the effects I wanted. The coolest one is the cylon style display as each arm lights up with cool effects.

The neopixel jewels are wired with the first in line at the start apex and then spiral down clockwise through the next two rows of ten arms. I was going to use a PIR sensor, but mine pooped out and was giving me garbage reads, so went with random.

There were a few stumbling blocks like using randomseed and how it effected the flow of the code, but I have it completed and working.

I used 10 of my favorite fastLed displays and modified some and created some. Looks really great. Will post vid when on top o the tree. The links are in the code header for the 3D print.

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