Mask Lanyards using Tinkercad #WearableWednesday

Tech-nic-Allie Speaking shared this introductory 3D wearable design project on Youtube!

Notes from Allie for Teachers: The locking part of the lanyard you will need to design yourself or have students design it. Paracord is not universal in diameter like you might think. Each brand has a different smoosh factor which makes a universal lock not easy to create/share. My locking pieces are 2mm thick. These small shapes use up minimal filament to print, print quickly, and are easy to test so it’s a good design challenge for your classroom. Give them some constraints for the external shape size and see what they come up with. My caliper is digital, but non-digital calipers are pretty cheap and I think a great tool to include in the 3D printing classroom! Have fun!

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