NYC Robo Week Events and a Few #Adafruit Robotic Projects @roboweek #NationalRoboticsWeek #RoboWeek #MakeRobotFriend


As we’re sure you can imagine, we’re all about RoboWeek’s mission

to inspire students in STEM-related fields and to share the excitement of robotics with audiences of all ages.

And whoa, have y’all SEEN the NYC events available this month (yea, the whole month, taking it beyond RoboWeek)?! Brooklyn Robot Foundry is offering Super Tiny Builders and Tiny Builders while Robofun is hosting LEGO Robotics Kindergarten and Grades 1-2!

For the folks who want to celebrate Robo Week every week we’ve made a short list of some of our more recent robotics projects from the Adafruit Learning System ??

Robotic Xylophone with Adafruit Grand Central

This robotic musician uses miniature solenoids to tap out melodies on a toy xylophone. The Adafruit Grand Central M4 controls each of the eight solenoids using CircuitPython, one of the fastest growing programming languages, specifically designed to simplify experimenting and learning. Check out the full guide!

CRICKIT Flippy Robot

3d printing Long Clip

We found a cute little robot on thingiverse that used a simple, yet clever locomotion system. Simple in that it used a single yellow (dual shaft) TT motor to control both sides, with the addition of only a battery and power switch.

The basic design is, as I said, clever. What could be done to expand on it? We could use two motors. A CRICKIT would provide finer, individual control of the motors. Using the Feather M0 Bluefruit with the Featherwing CRICKIT would let us drive it remotely. All this additional hardware will require the robot to be larger. Check out the full guide!

Crickit Carnival Bumper Bot

A bumper car is usually driven by a crazed carnival-goer — but we’re going to build a self-driving Bumper Bot! This bot will use the Circuit Playground Express for brains and collision detection with its onboard accelerometer. The Crickit will provide all the muscle needed to drive two TT DC gearbox motors, as well as a micro servo direction indicator flag.
A small speaker and NeoPixels will also give us feedback while to bumper bot is out there having fun!! Check out the full guide!



This project guides you through building a robot that can wander around your floor. This riffs on John Park’s Crickit Carnival Bumper Bot. The difference is that the project progresses through several levels, starting with a very basic bot and adding capabilities. Check out the full guide!

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